“Green” homes are not just important by fears of Global Warming. “Green” homes save significant amounts of money. Cold is deadly, much more deadly than heat. Insulation is the most important thing you can look for when buying a home today. Global Warming or Global Cooling, this is the most cost effective way to stay comfortable and control the costs of cooling or heating. Add insulation if what you have is not adequate. Dual, or even Triple paned windows are also important, along with blinds on the windows that can be closed and trap air against the windows, or opened to let heat in or out. Outside air ventilation is very effective at heating and cooling a home if there are wide outside temperature swings. Cool nighttime air can be brought in and kept inside during the day. Warm daytime air can be brought in and kept inside during the night. Emergency power may be wise where freezing temperatures occur. Most central heating and cooling systems will not work at all without some electricity. It seems that Commercial Utility power is either at risk, or poised to become very expensive. Clouds are the primary cause of cold weather. Clouds make solar power inefficient. Wind power requires a lot of space and a very large investment using today’s huge wind generators. Smaller wind generators will most likely become available when Solar Power cannot be reliable. Wind generators require maintenance. Have you seen how many dead windmills there are in any given windmill farm? A diesel or gas or propane powered generator may be a good investment. Those fuels will never go away. It is even possible to use the gas that is piped to your home to run a generator to provide electricity for fans lighting, appliances and microwave ovens. Have an electrician add a way to switch to alternate energy sources in case Utility power is interrupted. This switching can even be automatic.
Remarkably, Global Warming is not happening as was predicted by the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC was chartered by the United Nations to show that Humans are altering the Weather by burning Coal, Oil, and Gas. They devised a climate model that has one primary component, Carbon Dioxide, because that seems to be something that humans can affect. They left out the major climate forces, including the influence of cold and warm currents in the oceans and changes in clouds caused by the Sun’s magnetic field. They made the assumption that CO2, a minor greenhouse gas responsible for about 1/2 % of the Earth’s greenhouse effect, could control water vapor, the greenhouse gas responsible for 97% of the Earth’s greenhouse effect. They called this “Amplification”. It was an untested theory with no prior scientific evidence, just a proposed way to magnify the very limited effects of CO2.
When the IPCC put forward their Global Warming predictions, they were predicting disastrous global warming and all the horrible things that could accompany it. The IPCC said “We could be wrong, but if we are right, we must do something right away to get ahead of the disaster”. In the interest of being safe rather than sorry, Al Gore and the IPCC urged us to stop releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. It was a panic response, not based on any proof yet. The IPCC forecasts had not been tested when this movement began. During the first ten years of observations, CO2 kept rising and so did Global temperatures. But looking back, for the ten years before 1984, Global temperatures had been going down while CO2 kept rising. And now, for the last ten years since 2003, Global temperatures went down again while CO2 kept rising. This disconnect caused the IPCC to stop talking about global temperatures and start talking about melting ice. Yes, ice was still melting. It took some time for the effects of the warm ten years to wear off. They finally have. In 2014, Summer Arctic Ice is almost back to normal. In 2014, Summer Arctic temperatures are below normal. In 2014, the Greenland Ice sheet is building again. In 2014, Antarctic Ice is at record levels since measurements were started. In JULY 2014, hundreds of LOW temperature all-time records were set across the USA.
With these weather facts, it is clear to attentive observers that the Global Warming predictions are not coming true, and were never realistic. This is not surprising to long-time climate scientists who have always known that the Oceans and the Sun dominate the Earth’s climate swings. Some of those climate scientists were originally being paid to support the Global Warming theory, but either quit, or were fired because they would not go along with the program. It will become obvious to even the casual observer in the next two years that Global Cooling is continuing, and continuing with force. This is because of the climate cycles dictated by the Sun and the Oceans that are well known to long-time climate scientists. Their forecasts, based on taking into account ALL the forces controlling climate, including CO2, are for a mini ice age. The cooling has already begun suddenly, according to the actual measurements cited above, and others.
The last three winters have been longer and very cold. The winter of 2013-2014 was so severe that it almost resulted in electrical blackouts in the NorthEast USA. Solar power was not contributing because of clouds and snow, and the demand for electicity to keep warm was huge. Some wind power farms iced up. Many Coal Fired power plants closed. More Coal Fired Power plants are still closing because wind power is getting huge government subsidies, and coal plants are being required to control CO2 with expensive modifications. Coal fired power plants lose money if they operate, so they are closing. It seems this is by design. So many more of these Coal plants are closing that it is virtually guaranteed we will have winter blackouts in the upcoming severely cold winter of 2014-2015. Despite warm records being set in the summers, more deeply cold records have been set in the winters. It will get worse yet.
So, what should we do about Global Warming? The answer is that is the wrong question. The right question is what should we do about the deep cold that has already begun, and will continue dramatically for the next ten years according to thousands of Climate scientists who are not being paid to continue the Global Warming panic. What should we do about Global Cooling?
Prepare your home for temperature extremes, or buy one that is already prepared. Be very interested in dual paned windows and insulated floors, walls ceilings and garage doors. Make sure gaps around windows and doors are sealed when they are closed. Use low wattage lighting to save electricity that will be needed for heating or cooling. Look for energy efficient appliances, because electricity and gas utilities will get more and more expensive over time. Use water efficient fixtures because water will get more expensive over time. Droughts are making water conservation a serious financial concern. Buy a “Green” Home, or make one out of one that is not “Green”, and save lots of “Green”.