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Why do we Cry?
I hope this helps you. Maybe it will. I have experience with this. I have cried a lot in my younger years. The story is not important. I still do cry but briefly. I finally realized that it was not productive to cry very long or very often. My energy was blocked and I felt like blowing up randomly, or giving up my energy, stuffing it, but neither is a good outcome. It cannot last. I would not last. I had to understand.
I finally came up with my own Definition for Crying.
I have seen that crying is simply an expression of frustration. It is personal, essential, emotional energy hitting a wall that blocks it. It is Frustration about feeling physical pain, or feeling loss, or feeling any other reality or visualized reality that is difficult to accept. Sometimes it is called sadness. Sometimes it is called hurt. It is always frustration from real or visualized loss of control.
Not everyone accepts this definition right away. I didn’t. I thought: What about tears of Happiness? How does that fit? I have concluded this is frustration from again, difficulty with acceptance, Ironically it can be frustration from visualizing the opposite outcome as if it were happening now. It can be frustration from visualizing that acceptance will be betrayed. It can be frustration from not being able to share the moment with someone who cannot be there. It can be frustration from visualizing the loss of purpose when success is finally achieved. Regardless, tears of joy occur from CHOOSING not to accept the joyous occasion and retracting from it, and that is frustrating in itself.
So, cry.. A little.. Express that frustration, release some of that blocked energy that way, but realize that it is just expressing frustration by dissipating energy, Then realize it is wasted energy, energy turned into intense physical stress. It is not healthy. Instead, rest in a safe place and recharge, searching out those you share love with. Love relieves frustration. Sharing relieves frustration. You need to conserve and replenish that energy. Then, rested, go on against the object of that frustration with that energy, or finally consciously accept that the object cannot be resisted and redirect your energy into something else. Flood the energy into visualizations of success at that something, and.. Go for it. When you succeed, and when you are with your loved ones, when you share, embrace the joy to recharge your energy. Embrace joy. Be thankful. Choose not to be frustrated.
So, this sounds easy, and it can be, but it takes conscious effort. It is not intuitive. I still “fall off the Wagon”, especially when tired and or sick, but when I get up, I have an understanding, and a way that works for me.
God bless you and Ken and your family.